RESI People

The RESI leverages Pitt’s intellectual resources to provide curricular, consultative and analytical support on the ethical, legal and social issues arising in the full range of Pitt’s research activities. Pitt Research charged the University’s Center for Bioethics & Health Law, with its experience in the health sciences, to develop this initiative addressing ethical issues in the full range of Pitt research.

RESI Director

Lisa S. Parker, PhD

Research Ethics Consultation Service Members

Distinguished Service Professor of Medicine
Social science, behavioral, intervention, and educational research
Assistant Professor of Classics
Humanities, literary, text-based, and archeological research, as well as issues of privacy, consent, and communication, and intersectional issues in healthcare
Associate Professor of Bioethics and Human Genetics
Clinical, genetic/genomic, pediatric, and public health research
Associate Professor of Human Genetics
Research involving human subjects (observational and clinical trials) and/or biological samples, epidemiology, basic/laboratory science (including research involving nonhuman animals)
Lecturer in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
Programming Coordinator, RESI
Bias in research, archival research, oral history research
Consultant Scholar 
Health services, qualitative, survey, behavioral, and basic science research
Professor and Vice Chair for Research in Health & Community Systems, School of Nursing
Qualitative research, clinical trial design, informed consent for research, research with cognitively impaired participants and/or caregivers, and research on dementia and issues in aging
Coordinator, The Pittsburgh Study, Department of Pediatrics Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine
Pediatric, community-engaged, behavioral, or health services research; research with vulnerable subjects or prisoners; informed consent for research; and complex issues in IRB protocols
Associate Professor
Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
Research involving data privacy or social media, or research on those topics
Assistant Director for Data and Publishing Services, Health Sciences Library System
Data management and sharing, nonhuman animal welfare
Assistant Professor of Acute & Tertiary Care, School of Nursing
Behavioral, critical care, qualitative, and survey research, and clinical trials
Professor Emeritus of Health Promotion & Development, School of Nursing
Qualitative and mixed method research
Clinical Instructor in Medicine
Research relating to COVID-19 and/or cardiovascular diseases, and outcome trials
Center for Bioethics & Health Law
Research involving the recently deceased
Assistant Professor of Health & Community Systems, School of Nursing
Psychiatric/mental health (pediatric and adult), epidemiology, survey, and behavioral research; suicide, social media, eHealth, and clinical trials

Research Ethics Advisory Board Members

To be named